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Software Development Agency vs Digital Product Studio

Paul McGillvray

Birthday Cake E1588401395289

It's our birthday!

Jeannie McGillivray

Tu N Tr Ng Mwgvvdve1jq Unsplash

In celebration of International Women's Day 2021

Jeannie McGillivray

Midlands Engine

Inaugural meeting of Midlands Business Engine Council

Ella Joy

Reflection And Renewal Min

Reflection and Renewal

Jeannie McGillivray

San Fran Banner

Remote send a core team to Tech Crunch Disrupt San Francisco

Jeannie McGillivray

A Womens Work

A Woman's Work is done!

Paul McGillivray

Ten80 Hero Min

The digital SAP marketplace is here

Jeannie McGillivray

Legacy Book B1g1

Legacy: The Sustainable Development Goals in Action

Jeannie McGillivray

Paul Mcgillivray Tedx Talk

Technical Director decodes the future of business on a world stage at TEDx

Jeannie McGillivray

Nikola Jovanovic 631527 Unsplash

New initiatives to grow your business from Remote

Jeannie McGillivray

Sustainable Development Goal 8

A sustainable plan for people, planet and profits

Jeannie McGillivray

GDPR Data Protection

Website marketing lists and GDPR - The Basics

Jeannie McGillivray

Meaning and Purpose - Do Something Great

Meaning will transform your business. Here’s why.

Jeannie McGillivray

Working in the office - A pause for reflection

Friday Reflections: Cautiously co-creating Utopia.

Jeannie McGillivray

Progressive web app

The brave new world of Progressive Web Apps

Jeannie McGillivray

Making A Dent In The Universe

Making a dent in the universe

Jeannie McGillivray

Working to a tight deadline

Delivering a big project to a tight deadline

Paul McGillivray

5 Chain Chrome 1061138

Five tips for keeping your head above water when faced with an unfamiliar project

Jon Hilton

Leon Contreras 447379 Unsplash

The life-changing wonder of Continuous Integration and Deployment

Paul McGillivray

Markus Spiske Qjnanf0jigk Unsplash

Solving the problem of complexity in software

Paul McGillivray

Looking forward to the future

Survive and thrive in the 2020's

Paul McGillivray

Brands People Ax8ia8gajvg Unsplash

De-risking your software projects while making them more profitable

Paul McGillivray

Business Continuity Vs Disaster Recovery 1600X400

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Plans

Jeannie McGillivray

Open Ai Min (1)

GPT-3: The evolution of machine learning and the future of work

Paul McGillivray

Rob Wingate Iluqsrjyp8c Unsplash

Systems are not a nice to have - they are business critical

Jeannie McGillivray

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